Tote Notes

Tote Notes

Right after a phone call ends, Tote Notes gives the user the option to record notes from the conversation. With just one tap, they can begin recording, and with a second tap, the message is transcribed with Google Voice™ and sent to their email inbox with a subject line that includes the name and number of the contact. An mp3 of the note is included for the user’s convenience as well.

Benefits of Tote Notes include:

  • It fits any business or organization. Professionals can easily use Tote Notes as it is, or use the application programming interface to customize Tote Notes to their needs.
  • It’s perfect for personal use. Busy parents, students and others can keep track of important details quickly and easily.
  • It’s incredibly easy. Two taps and a verbal message is all it takes.
  • It never gets in the way. Tote Notes prompts the user following a call and fades away if they don’t need it.
  • It can be used manually. If the user remembers a detail from the phone conversation hours later, they can easily view their note history and tap on any contact to record a new Tote Note manually.

More information and high-res images you can download are available at Just click on the “Tote Notes” thumbnail.

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